Wake up easier with Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee

May 23, 2016

Stop hitting that snooze button and wake up feeling better and brighter with these tips.



  •  Rather than setting your alarm early, set your alarm for when you really need to get up.  That extra, uninterrupted sleep makes you feel more rested and refreshed when you get out of bed.


  • Use natural light to wake up – A splash of sunshine makes you instantly feel more awake.  Daylight signals your biological clock to stop the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy, and promotes wakefulness.  It also increases the brain's level of serotonin, a chemical that boosts mood. If you have to wake up in the dark consider purchasing an alarm clock that has an inbuilt light (eg Lumie Bodyclock, $140).  Set it to create a dawn that breaks a half hour before your usual wake up time and grows to maximum brightness when your alarm goes off. 


  • Drink water as soon as you get to give you instant energy as it replenishes the fluid your body loses overnight.  When you are dehydrated your body has to work harder in every respect which can cause fatigue.


  • Eat a well-balanced diet, so instead of wasting your morning checking your Facebook feed, get yourself to the kitchen and prepare a beautiful delicious (and nutritious) breakfast! Chia pudding with berries, avo smash, or eggs sunny side up anyway?!  Washed down with an Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee of course.


  • As obvious as it sounds, by going to bed earlier it will help you to wake up easier and feel more refreshed.  Cutting back on caffeine, especially in the afternoon, will help you slip into bed easier and go to sleep and get a better night sleep.  Even if you don't feel like that late-afternoon cup of coffee has a negative impact on your sleep, studies suggests that it is likely to be interfering nonetheless. It is recommended that a 2 p.m. cut off time for caffeine consumption is needed for a good night’s sleep.  Innocent Beans herbal coffee is a perfect coffee substitute for the afternoons and evenings when you are wanting a coffee but also wanting a good night’s sleep to wake up feeling like you are ready to take on the day ahead!










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