We have blended dandelion root, chicory root and carob together to create our strongest herbal coffee blend that is gluten free and paleo friendly.  This blend is also great for aiding in digestion, detoxifying your body, and it contains antioxidants.  This is the perfect coffee replacement that can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night without it affecting your sleep patterns as it’s a naturally caffeine free coffee!  And because we are passionate about using REAL food to deliver a great tasting product to you, you can be sure that all our ingredients are 100% organic and we will never add any flavours, colours, sugar or preservatives to any of our products.

The Gluten Free Innocent, 100g

  • Best brewed either on the stovetop or in a coffee perculator , you can then treat this blend just like you would normal coffee and drink as-is or add any milk or sweetener of your choice!

    For full information see our brewing page.

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