Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee is made up of lots of root herbs, so to get the most flavour and nutrition out of the blend, it is best to brew it for a long time. It can be brewed several ways, however we can recommend using either a saucepan, plunger or infuser.


Simply bring 2 cups of water to the boil and add in your desired amount of herbal coffee blend - approximately 1 tablespoon between 2 cups would be recommended. 


Reduce the heat and let the herbs simmer for approximately 7-10 minutes. This will allow enough time for all the flavours to be extracted from the roots and give you the geatest nutritional value. However the longer you boil the blend for the more flavoursome the cup will be! 


Once the herbal coffee has been brewed, just pour it into a cup through a strainer and drink as-is or add milk and sugar to your liking.  


The process to make your herbal coffee using a coffee plunger or infuser is quite similar to making it in a saucepan.


Place 1-2 cups of boiled water into the plunger/cup.


Add the herbal coffee blend and let it simmer for a minimum of 7-10 minutes. Remember, the longer you can leave it brewing for the better the flavour will be!


Finally strain out the herbs and drink as-is or add milk and sugar to your liking.


Some sedimentation may occur in the bottom of your cup, but don't be afraid to drink that too - it's full of goodness!


Most people enjoy their herbal coffee hot, and they taste especially nice when made up as a latte or cappucino. You could also try making an iced-herbal coffee for those hot summer days, a herbal coffee cocktail or even try it in your cooking!


All of our blends will last appoximately 6 months when stored in an airtight container. To futher extend the shelf life we recommend storing your Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee in the freezer.

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