Here at Innocent Beans, we believe in living a wholesome way of life - eating healthy nutritious food, exercising regularly, being kind to other people, and working hard to achieve your goals.

Innocent Beans was created because sometimes in our life, things can get a little crazy!  Most of us lead very busy lives, and finding a way to balance the everyday stresses with trying to find your own health and happiness can be quite the challenge and many of us find ourselves to be exhausted by the end of the day.


Everyone needs a little 'pick-me-up' now and then, and i'm sure many of us would love an extra boost of energy.  However, most of us lean to caffeine and sugar for this extra kick.  But wouldn't it be great to be able to get more energy without having to consume caffeine and sugar?  You know, when 2pm comes along and you're either going to reach for that pack of biscuits, take a Nana nap, or grab yet another cup of coffee that you're worried is going to keep you up all night!



Innocent Beans has created a coffee alternative that has been specially formulated with a unique blend of barley, dandelion, chicory and carob that will help you to wake up and feel more energised.  These ingredients are known for their coffee like flavour and aroma so you won't feel like you are missing out.  And, because we are passionate about using REAL food to deliver a great tasting product to you, you can be sure that we will never add any flavours, colours, sugar or preservatives to any of our products.  All our ingredients are great for your body: helping with digestion and cleansing your body of toxins to help you naturally feel more energised.


Enjoy Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee at anytime of the day - even in the afternoon without it affecting your sleep patterns.  So give yourself a break from caffeine and treat yourself to an Innocent Beans Herbal Coffee - you won't regret it!



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